Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pray With Me

We had a great time in Sunday school today as we went into the garden to pray like Jesus and a few of his disciples did. We created a small garden scene for us to pretend we were there.
While we were in the garden, we talked about how Jesus went to the garden to pray. We discussed how Peter and the others fell asleep. They were awaken by soliders coming in to take Jesus away. Zachary, D. J., Wyatt, and Haven were such great listeners. They answered all of the questions I quizzed them on after reading our Bible story. The boys even wanted to make masks to imitate the soliders.

We also made prayer flowers. They wrote down names of people they wanted to pray for. Everytime they look at their prayer flowers, they are to be reminded to pray for those people.

Mr. Bob Jernigan has completed his courses to become a local lay speaker. We are so proud of Bob and his family. They are a wonderful addition to our congregation.

Here are Zachary, Wyatt, and D. J. waiting the prelude to join Bro. Danny at the front of the church with today's offering. They are such young little men.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Am I?

My wonderful Sunday school class was a few members short Sunday morning but Haven, D. J., and myself had a great time. We studied about when Jesus would ask of others "Who Am I"? We discussed how Jesus gave Peter a new name of "Peter, the rock" and how another name for Jesus is Messiah. What great memories they have! We played a game of Who Am I where D.J. and Haven tossed rocks (paper wads) into a basket. I had the name of Jesus hidden under several pieces of paper. Each time they made their shot, I removed one paper until they could fully read the name. As our congregation was preparing for services to begin, I snapped a few pictures of everyone preparing to worship the Lord.
Of course, church at Ivy Bluff would not be the same without Bob Williams. Bob was injured as a teenager in a car crash and permanently lost his sight. However, Bob has such a loving and positive attitude. He brings such life to our congregation. We love you Bob!
And last, D. J. Moore, son of Don and Angela Moore, is stepping up with the big boys/men and helping with the offering. He is doing such a great job as is all of our youth/children. They are our future.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lovin' new class

Our childrens Sunday school class is going great...even though we miss Ms. Stephanie like crazy.
Last Sunday, we discussed how we should follow God in all situations. The students followed a line and every time they came to a picture of God, they had to count how many they found. We found ten in all. Then we discussed how Peter and others followed God. We traced our footprint for the children to color and titled it "We will follow God." To close our class, we clapped and sang to Kevin Kidd's song God Knows Me Inside Out.
Here are pictures from our new ladies class, mens class, and couples class. Trina Koltay, David Parker, and Connie Gall are great teachers.