Monday, June 22, 2009

Redecorated a little

It has been sooo wonderful having Lana home the past two weeks. It was just like old times. We shopped for wedding and of course, ourselves. Lana and Joe are going with a nautical theme in one room in their house. Lana bought some really cute things from Hobby Lobby. Well, temptation got the best of me and I have added some to my bathroom. This cute fish sits on my vanity.This has a tealight inside and is also on my vanity.These remind me of putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the water.I started out my wrapping a grapevine wreath in jute string. Then I added a few sea shells and before I knew it I had the entire wreath covered. Many shells are from past vacations. Lana said this was definetly blog worthly.Hobby Lobby also has great deals on their home accents. When I went to visit Lana in South Carolina I wanted to come home and redecorate my house. I did purchase a few pieces to accent my other decorations. This piece is on my husband's night stand in our master bedroom.
This beautiful piece is in my living room.This is also in my living room. I want to put all of it where people can see it but I don't have the room. Below, guess where, yea, living room.I bought the cutest dress, sandals, purse and jewelery from Factory Connections when Lana and I were self-shopping.

I am a real bling bling wearer. I love it!!!! I love to match all of my accessories.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shop Till We Drop

Lana is home for a while....YEAH!!! We spent part of today wedding shopping and the rest of the day shopping for "ourselves". WHOOPIE..... One stop was at Old Navy at The Avenue. They have the cutest clothes. Lana got a cute denim skirt and I bought three cute tops.

Our last stop was at Hobby Lobby. We told my future son-in-law that we were supporting H.L. by shopping there today. He is a district manager of Hobby Lobby in South Carolina. They had home accents 66% off today. I got a few cute things.
Decorating a little for July 4th.

Lana took this picture in front of my pool. We have enjoyed three days straight of sunshine, floats, and tanning.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Another few of my favorite things to do during the summer is:
I love bright pinks, blues, and greens for fingernail and toenail polish. Guess which is my favorite out of these three? Middle one!!!!!
I love to shop....I checked out Phase II in Murfreesboro and found myself this cute light pink and brown skirt and Mark a new shirt.
I love to read..this is my current book that I read every night. The title is The Plains of Passage by Jean Auel. This book is one of The Earth's Children series. The story begins as Ayla and Jondalar set out on horseback with a tamed wolf across the windswept grasslands of Ice Age Europe. They encounter savage enemies and brave friends. All of their pain and joy bring them closer to their ultimate destination, for the orphaned Ayla and the wandering Jondalar must reach that place on earth they can call home.

I love to redecorate and move things around in my house. I created a new look for my dining room table.
I hasve been trying to change my computer room around a bit. I moved this table and chairs in front of a window. Last thing we are beginning to see are hay rolls in the fields. I just love that smell, brings back childhood memories of driving the tractor or truck pulling a wagon and my dad and helpers loading hay.