Monday, November 9, 2009

Rocky Top, You'll Always Be Home Sweet Home To Me!

There is absolutely nothing like a football game at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Mark and I attended homecoming. We had such a good time! This rock was located at another location on campus and just moved recently.
Fraternity row for tailgating....looked like soooo much fun!
The one and only Smokie!!!
Everyone patiently waiting on the players to arrive.
This statue's flame never goes out.
Patiently waiting on all sides of the streets....
Cheerleaders arriving
Band arriving
Still waiting
Wow, what is that. Many young people had on smokie caps. When they put their head down a little, it looked just like a dog staring at you. Too cute
And then the most anticipated moment.....except instead of walking in front of everyone lining the streets, they arrived by bus....three of them. Of course, Mark and I were on the back side and did not see a single player.
Every man needs a pair of these checkered pants for game day. Couldn't resist a pic while we were walking in...sorry about the blur.
Cheerleaders arriving on the field.
Band arriving on the field....
Nothing like the checkered inzones....

This guy was sitting in front of us.... I laughed when I read his shirt. Made the picture just for my son-in-law who is a BIG Gator fan. Sorry Joe! (:
Team on the field for practice....
A glance of the crowd....
We just can't forget this guy. He will never be forgotten.....The World Grand Champion Walking Horse, Watch It Now, circled the field waving an orange scarf. It was a sight to behold....beautiful!
The band at half-time.
Could not resist Old Glory ....
One of the three smokie mascots I saw running around.
The band played great music.....couldn't resist the U.S.A. they formed.
Here is the "T" the band makes for the football players to run through. It was exciting.
Great players......
I could not help but to make these two young boys was a Big Orange fan and the other was a Memphis fan. I loved their hats. Too cute
The large Tennessee flag that gets ran across the field after a touchdown.....
Just one check on the score during the first quarter....
And the kick was good!!!!!
Of course, Tennessee was the one who intercepted the ball.....
Beautiful fireworks are set off after each touchdown.
Gotta rest this boy from time to time.....Yea, Crompton.
An alumni band played along with today's band at halftime. Here they are forming and playing the song "Let the circle be unbroken."
And of course, the big "T"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ivy Bluff Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a great time at the Tie Guy/Juggling Christian show in Tullahoma. Fifteen of us attended and had so much fun. As we entered the building, they had a change bucket set up with the cutest way for money to hit the bucket.
Here is Angela and D. J. Moore putting their change in at the top waiting on it to slide to the bucket.Bro. Danny surrounded by some great guys at the change bucket.

We started the program with some great music.

Wonder why he is called the "Tie Guy?"

D. J. got in on the act....

He juggled with several items, even basketballs....

Many youth from the audience was included in on the theme of Paradise Island...... Their personal children were also in the performance. Our own Eli Freeman coming off of the stage.. One gate leads to................ Jesus..... Afterwards, we took our group to Pizza Hut....boy was it good!

We started with four of these......
and ended with four of these!!!!!