Monday, August 24, 2009

Yardsale Bargains!

This was the first yard sale I have gone to this year....Below are a few finds, most of them to put in Lana's unoccupied bedroom.

Cute trash can with seashells that will match my bath perfectly....

Cute, cute stool....
I love small dishes to add to my collection

Now for a few things I already have in my home that I just love!!
Over the weekend, Mark and I took his son, Justin, to D. T. McCalls to purchase a new frig. On our way back, we stopped at this cute, cute spot to eat. Don't know the name but had great food and was beautiful on the inside. Mark and I had frog legs and Justin had ribs.
A truly Southern drink that cannot be found everywhere in the United States.....Sundrop....Justin enjoyed one on the way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fruits of Summer!

I found the most beautiful sights of the country last weekend. Not hard to find where I live!!

Nothing like home grown tomatoes...

An old peach basket hanging at my father-in-laws house...such memories.

One rose found there also...

Trees in the front yard looking up.

My brother-in-laws barn across the tranquil looking. I love pictures of barns.

The sights of Ivy Bluff.....

Looing up through corn stalks.

Fruits of their labors.....

Barn of Uncle Houston......
Saw this guy in the distance.....

D. J. 's Birthday! What fun..

Our family helped D. J. celebrate his 5th birthday on Sunday. What a great time we all had.

Friday, August 14, 2009

At School

Look who I found while looking at the Cannon Courier on-line. Our very own D. J. Moore at Day School. Lookin' good D. J. How was that Mama????