Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Break Is Here for Teachers!!!

For some reason, this looks just like how I feel!!!! Summer break from school is such a relaxed time. I have bought new ferns, planted new bedding plants, and am really enjoying my hosta's. They are getting bigger and bigger every year.And of course with summer break comes the tanning and the pool. I finally have my pool almost pristine.
I am also enjoying my new car. I totaled my cute little blue Cavalier during the last two months of school. I bought a 2009 Ford Fusion. I was able to get my sunroof and spoiler back. The greatest thing my new car has is SYNC. I can make and take calls by pushing a button on my steering wheel and never touch my phone. How safe!!!!
Also during the early summer months are many graduations....Below is my step-daughter, Emily, graduating from the University of Tennessee with her degree in Nursing. We are all so proud of you Emily!!!!
Proud Dad, Mark and EmilyEmily with her brother, Justin, and step-brother, Cody after graduation.The gang, excluding myself....I had no personal days left at school so I did not get to attend.
Sorry again, Emily.
Last but no least is Emily and Travis, her future husband in May, 2010. Oh my!!!! Emily, I will make sure to keep my personal days for the wedding. I can't wait!

Congratulations Lay Speakers!

Bro. Danny Freeman presented Bobby Bogard and Bob Jernigan certificates for completing their Lay Speaker training. We are so proud of them! We are looking forward to hearing you speak to us..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Break Is Here

I can't wait to begin my summer break from school after Friday morning. The following are things that I love during the warm summer days and nights. It is a very relaxing and laid back time of the year.

!. My first priority is getting my pool ready...we are almost there.

2. The next thing after a clean pool is relaxing....

3. Third item needed while relaxing is some great suntan lotion....I recommend Lewie's Tanning on-line. The prices are one-half of what we pay in salon's.
4. The best thing to have by the poolside is a cold glass of tea.

5. A summer must is the smell of a freshly mowed lawn......
6. Last but not least is windows raised during the day and night and the sweet sound of birds chirping (just not too early!).

The other exciting upcoming event is my daughter, Lana's, wedding on July 11, 2009. I am excited and at the same time kind of dreading it (just the idea of my baby girl getting married).

The next big summer event is my church's Vacation Bible School in July also. Our theme is Boomerang Express: Everything Comes Back To Jesus.

What are your plans?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Homecoming at the Bluff

What would Ivy Bluff be without homecoming? This year we celebrated with The Galloways. As always, we had some congregational singing. What would be more perfect than having our children sing with Mr. Lowell.
Waylon and Terry Gunter didn't mind taking a nap during singing.