Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday School Rocks!

We have amazing Sunday School classes. Below are the kiddos belonging to Stephanie Edens and the 20's Rock group belonging to myself. You will receive such a blessing if you attend our Sunday School classes.
After Sunday morning services, we had our monthly birthday lunch and hanging of the greens in preparation of the birth of Jesus. We had several adults working on putting up the tree, Terry Gunter braving the heights changing light bulbs, and our kiddos decorating the tree.
Christmas Play Practice

Each Sunday night our children, tweens, and parents have been practicing for our Christmas Play "Christmas Family Feud Style" and the traditional manger scene. Our children are doing absolutely great. They are so patient, listen great, and know their speaking parts. I am so proud of them!
We closed out the evening with a birthday cake for Makenna Orrick who turned a big 5 years old. As you can see, the others were glad to share in her cake.

And the most wonderful seen of all: Mr. Kenneth looking adoringly at Abigail Moore.


Mama said...

Beautiful job. I enjoy the music so much when I open your blog. I let it play until the end. Keep up the great work. Love ya

Emily said...

Abigail looks ssssoooo tiny in PaPa's big ol' hands!! So precious!

Lana said...

This is so cute! I wish I could've stayed for the decorating of the tree but I would've never got home then! The pictures are adorable, especially the one of Mr. Kenneth and Abigail!

Kelly said...

Melanie, your blog is great! Sorry I haven't gotten to it until now, but I have just been so so busy! Keep up the great work! I think the number of kids there has multiplied by like 6 since we were there last!!!