Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold, Cold, Cold

How cold can it get???? Cold enough to let us out of school last Friday (YEAH!!!!) and we were then out on Monday for Martin Luther King holiday. Glad we could put all of that together and grab a four day weekend. It has snowed around all day today (Monday). Wish we could get out just one more day. (I really do love my career, but I LOVE being at home).

I got the pleasure of doing some wedding errands today for Lana and Joe. I stopped at a great bake shoppe in Murfreesboro. They have beautiful wedding cakes for a great price. I am going to try to attend their Bridal Show on February 8th since Lana won't be in town. I also visited Liquid Video. They video the ceremony and reception and provide the couple DVD's of the big day.I tried to contact a couple of places to provide a D. J. and a Master of Ceremonies. Seems like this is a trend I had never heard of until my son, Justin and Kelly got married. Of course, Lana just loved it.

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Lana said...

Hey! I LOVE being out of school too and I am so excited that I am out today, too! YAY! Thanks so much for running all of my wedding errands!!! I can't wait to come home and go with you! :)