Sunday, January 11, 2009

New deco's

After taking down Christmas decoration and that motto "less is better" I needed/wanted a few new things to brighten my home up. I have purchased beautiful pictures for various places in the house.

Justin and Kelly gave me this beautiful piece for Christmas. I have it proudly displayed in my living room.Lana and I both have talked about the square dishes that are out now. Well, I purchased four to go on my kitchen table (more decorative than eating in) and I bought one red plate to set in an easel at the back of my kitchen bar.Also in Lana's room (yes, still Lana's room) is a beautiful blue and white ceramic birth house. Too pretty to put outside.


Lana said...

Hey! I love that picture! It is so pretty! Justin and Kelly are great gift-givers...I just love what they gave you! I may have to get some white plates like that...I dunno if they'll go in my kitchen or not though...probably not with the table-runner I just bought. Well, guess it'll just have to do looking at yours!

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