Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This week we have been waiting on that white fluffy stuff they have talked about (hoping to get our of school of course) but as of today....NOTHING except cold.

I can't remember if Lana ever posted a picture of her new house on her blog but if not, here goes. I want to go and see it so bad but with her teaching and me teaching it seems we can't find time. Of course, when she is out of school, she wants to come home, which is better.

I decorate my gym doors usually monthly. This months theme is water and ducks and it says
"If it were not for physical education, I would quack up". Cute or what. The teachers and kiddos always look to see what is coming up next. I have clip art of ducks with sports balls and miniature ducks taped all over both doors.

The kids at school say to get snow to dance around in a circle chanting and to wear your pajamas inside out. We need all of the help we can get. Here is my computer background at school. I am trying!!!!

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Lana said...

Haha...I hope yall get snow, too even though I will be SO jealous!!

I love that picture of my house, too! :) Some-day you ARE coming here! I want you to see my house soooo...bad! It's easy to see the pictures, but it's always much better in person. I would say maybe Spring Break, but I'll probably need to come home for wedding planning and marriage counseling.

Hey-don't forget I have to get my wisdom teeth AND 3 others taken out soon...you know like that dental assistant said, "Can't nobody take better care of ya than your mama"...Haha! :) Just kidding. That would be a miserable trip since I'd probably be knocked out the whole time! We really will find a time!