Sunday, January 4, 2009

New decos at home

Well, it seems so bare in the house with Christmas over. But as Lana keeps telling me, less is better. I have really cleaned out, moved furniture, and making new yard sale stacks every day. Here are a few pics of my living room and beautiful dishes in the kitchen from Cracker Barrel. Thanks Lana for all of your help. What about those mint green walls in the kitchen and the bright yellow walls in the living room. Brightening things up a little!!!!

Church News: We began a new planning year at Ivy Bluff today. You know us Methodists, we have a committee for everything. Several members of various committees met to create a 2009 budget for the church.
After the meeting, we had our regular bible study session. A new neighbor of mine (who is living in my grandma's house), Joshua, came today to church and tonight. He even played our music Sunday night for us. I hope he continues to attend. He said he felt that God had lead him to Ivy Bluff but wasn't sure what he was suppose to do. God is good!!!!

Lowell Duke and Garrett Crawford singing. Precious!!
And last but certainly not least, three of "our" boys waiting to go to class with Mrs. Brenda Bogard.


Lana said...

Your welcome! Re-decorating was fun! Love the new look! Especially that lamp! :) Church pictures are good! I got a laugh out of the "You know us Methodists...we have to have a committee for everything!" comment...Hahaha.

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